Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Ah, Karma

Sometimes God looks down from his lofty perch to smile upon me at the times I need it most. Like right now, for instance.

I've told you all that my husband broke my beautiful washer.

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Gorgeous, ain't she?

Well, what I didn't mention is that the repairman who came to fix her said she would require a new drum and some other parts, which would have to be ordered. Then, when they came in, it would require the services of two of them for at least four hours to do an entire tear-down of the machine. That was a week and a half ago.

I got a call this morning that the parts are finally in. A caustic-toned biddy informed me of that news for which I should be exuberently grateful, apparently. After having gone without a washer for the past two weeks, and been saved numerous trips to the laundromat only out of the kindness of Lovey's heart and the use of her laundering services(and I also have to give props to Dapo for offering), I was in no mood to deal with that receptionist wench.

"When's the soonest you can have someone out?" I asked.

"Two men? November 2nd."

November 2nd?!! That will make three weeks, people!

Now, at this point, my husband is suffering the worst sorts of revenge torture fantasies in my mind that you can imagine. You don't even want to know how twisted my imagination can be when it comes to me having my retribution for this egregious insult.

So, I go to mark it on my calendar, and what should catch my eye?

Friday, October 26th, 9:30 a.m.--my husband's vasectomy appointment.

God does love me.


newnorth said...

lol! good luck with both appointments :D

Shannon Howell said...

Well, seeing as how I'm going NOWHERE sistah, you can use my set for now. I'm actually thinking about becoming a washerwoman and saving up for my set--in cobalt blue, naturellement.

Avery Gray said...

Newnorth--thank you! I'm keeping my fingers crossed as well!

Shannon--I guess I have to start calling you by your name now instead of Lovey since you finally decided to join the ranks of us civilized bloggers. ;o)

dawn224 said...


and I'm having washer envy.

Jennifer said...

Been there. Both, with the broken washer, having to do laundry at a kind soul's house, and with the looking forward to the big V. Just make sure he gets himself tested afterwards, or there'll be no peace of mind. Even now I fear something will magically reconnect and I'll become pregnant. :-P

Shannon Howell said...

I answer to both. :)

Sheila said...

Karma is sweet! My husband had his vasectomy in 1999, then I had my total hysterectomy in 2003 - negating the need for his surgery. Oh, Well!

cate said...

wow...that is some kind of karma, that is! ha!

hope your beautiful machine of the washing will be up and running before you know it! i can't even imagine having to do without...we do 1-2 loads a night, depending on whether we used cloth diapers that day!

Bec said...

lol I'm glad you've at least got a date to fix your shiny washer dryer.

Avery Gray said...

Dawn--doesn't it though! ;o)

Jennifer--we will definitely be doing the follow-up! I didn't wait this long to wind up pregnant AFTER the procedure! LOL!

Shannon--who are you?

Sheila--seems to me it WAS needed (from '99 to '03 at least!) ;o)

Cate--thanks for the warm wishes, and yes, I'm being overrun by dirty laundry. I've been washing the bare minimum at Shannon's house, but all the other stuff is just sitting there growing legs as we speak. Scary!

Bec--thanks! I'm so looking forward to having a working washer!

Emma Sometimes said...

Vascectomy... woohoo... doing the unprotected dance. After my last one, I told my OB/GYN I'd sue for child support if my tubal failed. It hasn't. :)

I couldn't imagine what a pain that is!! Hang in there... Mr. WasherMan 'Plumber Crack' Bob will be there in just one more week.

Oh, The Joys said...

Never before I mine eyes beheld such washer beauty.

Mya said...

That is one foxy washer!

Insist on an earlier appointment to get the washer fixed - your sheets will need more thorough laundering after the 26th! Tee hee.

Mya x

Erin said...

Ha, ha, ha, ha, ha...deep breath...ha, ha, ha!!!!!

Mert said...

ROFLLLLLL! OMG, another reason why I love your blog!

I was going to suggest torturing a Sim version of the hubs, but this is so much bettah!

Jo Beaufoix said...

Hee hee.
Sometimes life is just perfect.

Joeprah said...

Those are slick. I can't imagine no washing machine for 3 weeks. Poor dude, I feel for him, but sadly I can not empathize because I just think it is dumb to slice around in my balls no matter what the alternative is.