Tuesday, October 9, 2007


Show Your Desktop

Jo “The Ostrich Lady” Beaufoix did this on her blog. I guess she was tagged, but I don't play that way.

I'm Avery Gray, b****!

(Oh, now see, that was uncalled for. I apologize. You're not a b****. You're just opinionated.)

So, the deal is, you have to post a shot of your desktop. Well, prepare to be blown away.

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Are you properly blown away? No? Well, don't blame me. It's Jo's fault.

(And you've been tagged. Go out and post those desktops!!)

The Creatively Bad Sentence Contest

Dapoppins is hosting this one, and there are a litany of prizes to choose from, including CASH MONEY!! Five cold hard dollars in electronic cash!! Check her site for the rules. (FYI--there are no rules, but she will very wordily explain that.)

Here's my entry:

Prickly thickets ticked quickly betwixt the rickety pickets of the fence of the sickly spigot licker, Rick “the Rickster and Wicked Rhyme Mixer” Finnster, who, while sitting on the porch with his mix Spitz-Pinscher, Bob, wished icky thing might befall his twisted sister, Esther, the elderly welder, and sometime whale gelder, who, with the help of the spelling legend, Edward “Onomatopoeia”—a moniker he acquired from the 1954 Durham County Spelling Bee and Tea Social, where he first tried English Grey and met the lovely Ruby DeLynne and her sister, Mildred, a beautiful red-headed girl—O’Brien, caused him, as a young lad, to acquire a taste for freshly-pumped well water straight from the source, which led to his current disorder and his paralyzing fear of wolf spiders.

Intimidated? No? Fine, then you go do it!


You heard of this one? A post a day in the month of November--think you're up to the challenge? Check out Radioactive Jam's blog for more info.

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(RaJ, put a shirt on! There are children around.)

And finally...

Here's a picture of a Swedish band.

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No reason.


Radioactive Jam said...

Yeahwell, if anyone stops in here and tells you in real life (whatever that is) I look way more like one of the Swedish band members, you just tell them "Nuh-uh!" for me okay?

Avery Gray said...

Will do! ;o)

Christina said...

No Raj, screw the kids, take more off!!!;)
Oh and Avery, I gave you an award on my blog! Don't be hesitant to accept it, kiss it, and give it to others!!

Sometimes Emma said...

Sweet holy anatomy Batman, that's one fine picture of McSteamy.

Is it still considered cheating if you dream you are making out with your husband but he has Clive Owen's head? This dream happens to me more often than I'm comfortable with...and it's not like Mr. Coffee is hard on the eyes either. (the friendly neighborhood coffee stand baristas call him "Hotty Chocolate")

Although no one holds a candle to the Gert Jonnys. I'm just sayin'....

Erin said...

OMG, I'm busting a gut here! That was a great sentence...I will not even try. Thanks for the laugh : )

Annette Lyon said...

That is one excellent terrible sentence (does that make sense?).

As for that picture . . . oy! It's blinding!

loveyh/McPanting said...

I'm all hot and McSteamy...and I don't even watch that show! Or is he McDreamy? Who cares, he's McDoable, is all I'm saying.

I'm not sure I can compete with thta monstrocity of a sentence you wrote up there. :)

Fooferoo said...

A little bird, I mean squirrel, told me about your blog. That is one awful sentence, keep up the good work.

I'm adding you to my list of blogs I like, on my blog. If that makes any sense?

Your fellow albino pumpkin decorator in crime.


Avery Gray said...

Hey, I know you! Thanks for the compliment. I'm honored!

And zip it about the albino pumpkins! They're snazzy.

Sometimes Emma said...

You have albino pumpkins? I've always wondered if they are are white inside?

~snort~ McDoable...

It is a very good sentence.

Avery Gray said...

Well, the fake ones you get from the craft store sure are. Don't know about the real ones.

And I think your sentence is great, too!!

Hope you're feeling better!

Jo Beaufoix said...

Avery, it wasn't my fault, I was tagged, but your desktop is tres chic.

And the slugs, I am sooooo with you. I have a whole category for them.
They are evil and bad and have no purpose except to ooze.

Mad goat lady said...

I just *loving* that swedish band almost as much as your blog.

I have added you to my blogroll..hope thats ok :)

Avery Gray said...

That's more than okay! It's encouraged! ;o) Thank you so much! I'm flattered!!

And, yes, the Gert Jonnys are something to behold!