Sunday, November 25, 2007

I'm Thankful PC

Yep, good ol' Bessie--for that is what I call my computer--has been good to me. Sure, I've only known her for two years, but in that time, we've developed a strong bond. We're together a lot. I mean a lot a lot. I spend more time with her than I do with my own husband.

Is that sad?

It seems a little sad.

Well, heck, he's the one who's always leaving me, saying things like, "I have to go to work to keep you in the style to which you've grown accustomed." Lame excuse, I know, but he's got this Dad complex where he feels compelled to provide this family with things like clothes, food, shelter, electricity, running water...

Blah, blah, blah, blah.

If he'd just get off that silly kick, we'd have a lot more time together, standing in line at the soup kitchen, or hanging out on street corners with cardboard signs. But he doesn't appear to be giving it up anytime soon.

In fact, he bought an iMac so he can do some of his work at home.

Yep, we are the quintessential Mac vs. PC household.

He calls me Spreadsheet Sally, I fake cry for his inability to play games without crashing.

Oh, I'm sorry. Macs don't crash.

Uh-huh. Right.

Then can you tell me why Mr. 'I love my Mac so much I'm gonna take it behind the middle school and get it pregnant' was on MY computer playing Amazonia ALL DAY yesterday. (He graciously allowed me time to post on my blog, then promptly kicked me right back off.)


So, what's your take on this Mac vs. PC thing? Which side of the debate are you on?


Jill said...

I'm with the Constipated Squidward on this one! Mac all the way baby! So user friendly! I have no problem with PCs-but I've been a Mac user for so long that I'm hooked.

suchsimplepleasures said...

I'm a iBook flippa...homey...i'm down with the mac, and now y'know it!
btw...i did hear these horrible rumors that you can buy pumpkin pie at the grocery store...or places like sam's club where they have x-tra large ones. why...oh why!!!!! the horror! the disgrace!!!! the simplicity!

terri said...

PC - definitely. PC users make up something like 92% of the world's population. I'm sticking with the majority.

WorksForMom said...

Ok, I'm a Software Engineer so I could ramble (and bore you to death on my thoughts on this for hours) but PC is my choice. The mac certainly has won the marketing wars as of late though.

More importantly, did you NAME your laptop yet? :)

Joeprah said...

Never had a mac, enough said.

Chuck said...

Hi Avery - I've been lovin' the November posts. Great fun!

I'm also a PC fan. I've used both systems and always, ALWAYS, come back to the PC. Microsoft has always written for the masses, right or wrong, and Apple has always written for their niche users.

I'm not in that niche.

Kimberly said...

My dad's an IT guy, and I think he'd disown me if I switched to a mac. What can I say? I love my dad.

M@ said...

I prefer Macs b/c they're beautiful, creative machines. But I buy PCs because they're cheaper. It's that simple.

M@ said...

I love the new spot w/ PC having the publicity lady-flack b/c he's all depressed about sucking ass.

holly said...

excuse me, i have a dell laptop (because "dude, i'm getting a dell!") and it is every bit as beautiful as any of my friend's poncy macs. well, i have one friend who has a mac. and a brother who insists that pcs are dead. you know, from his expertise as working the night shift at the motel 8? right.

i am a software engineer. every job i've gone for has been for pcs. all mac users i'd *met* (not counting blogging buddies, so RELAX) have been so in-my-face about (falsetto voice) "my wonderful mac" (end falsetto voice) that it puts me off them. i'm ACTUALLY having children just to make sure the pc population increases appropriately. no one told me they were so much work.

wow! i really should just go have a cuppa tea. . . i don't know what came over me there. phew.

i'm just going to go listen to some relaxing music on my ipod.

oh. whoops.

R said...

I obviously have a Mac. Not by complete choice, but Dear Sir thrives on it. We actually have two. An Imac and a laptop one. I don't know what in tarnation those are called. I have to say that I have compared pcs and macs and without a doubt, Macs are way better. I hate how Mac users are so snooty, but I have to admit that I am a cheap skate sort of person and the best purchase to make for a computer would be a mac. Not only is the whole system or whatever it is called "sleek" (to quote Dear Sir), fast, efficient, etc, etc, it is the best thing I have ever used. The customer service is outstanding. And, sadly enough, Macs make pcs look like trash cans. I would rather type away on a Death Star than on a Millenium Falcon. Wait. That made no sense. Ignore me.

Julie Wright said...

Is it sad that I like both for various reasons? I am such a fence sitter!

meleah rebeccah said...

I love my computer more than people...and yes...its a MAC.

I am an iBook flippa.

You'll see.

Sheila said...

Although one of the first computers I really ever used (for not playing games on) was a Mac, I am a PC girl!

Radioactive Jam said...


Must be a Gateway PC.

Emma Sometimes said...

I've never been into the frozen rainbow ball that seizes up your computer.

PC gal here.