Friday, November 30, 2007

I'm Thankful for...The End

Do you hear that? It's playing just for us NaBloPoMoers, baby.


30 days, 30 posts.

Do you feel pride in a job well-done? A bittersweet sense of completion? Sorrow at the thought of leaving it all behind?

No? Me neither.

Feels just like high school, and I couldn't wait to blow that Popsicle stand. I wanted to get on with the business of living. Kinda like I do now.

Who'd have thought that blogging for that many days straight could take So. Much. Time? And energy. And thinking of thoughts.

Well, the people who laughed at us, obviously. The ones who dropped out early and joined NeeNerHaHa, and poked fun at our every-day-blogging selves.

It cut to the quick, O Queen of Shaky-Shaky.

Dissenters aside, I learned a lot from my NaBloPoMo experience. Mainly this:

I am never doing it again.

I couldn't do that to you. Good Lord, I blogged about teeth out of desperation.

Someone get me a cigarette, 'cause I'm totally spent.

(No, don't. I don't smoke. It's bad for you. Now if you want to get me some Diet Coke and Krispy Kremes, well, you go right on ahead. That's scientifically-engineered brain food.)

But don't despair, my despairing despairers you! I'm not going anywhere. I'll still be around to amuse you with my little anecdotes. I'll just be taking the weekends off. And possibly some weekdays, too.

I'm giddy with excitement!

For the first time in a long time, I think I'm going to enjoy blogging. As a matter of fact, I've got big plans for the month of December. Like a contest with a fabulous prize. And a collaborative Christmas-themed Photoshop extravaganza!

Oooo... Bet you can't wait, huh?

Well, you're gonna have to, because this weekend I will be spending time with my family. The kid and that other guy.

Give it time. Their names will come back to me.


loveyh said...

Sheesh--what happened to the California Pizza Kitchen pizzas with the DC and KK? They sell them at Winco now.....mmmm....been shopping yet?

loveyh said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
meleah rebeccah said...

you did a KICK ASS JOB.

I thoroughly enjoyed all 30 posts.

holly said...

i second meleah's sentiment. i loved coming here. i didn't love getting fired for laughing at you during working hours, and i didn't love getting put in a mental institution that day because i was laughing at you on my pda browser. then, when i was on the bus on the way home, the bus driver told me to stop laughing at the thing i was remembering you wrote. those were the dark moments of your nablopomo, as experienced by me. but other than *those* incidents, i loved coming here. and i'm sure the homeless shelter, where i now have to live because my family have left me because all i do is read your blog, won't mind that i laugh at your stuff all day. probably they will feed me intermittently or at least throw food at me. wow. i should shut up now before i hog all your comment space.

have the names come back yet? that was, i think, the moment that they asked me to leave mcdonalds, because instead of ordering....yadda yadda yadda.

Nap Warden said...

Well you know I can't wait for a Christmas themed Photoshop extravaganza! Bring it on!!!

Mike said...

Congratulations on a well-executed NoMoBloPop! I must admit. I am impressed.

Secret Agent Mama said...

I think you had the best NaNiNaNiBooBoo with your gratitudes. It was perfect. Me, just insane and more insane. :)

Edge said...

Give it a few days and let it marinate. I think you'll be pleased with it.

I wanted to do the NANORIMO this year, but didn't. My schedule just didn't accommodate. Now if it was in June, I'm all over that. I could write a book a year.

And the smoking and spent thing. I've never smoked and definitely not after sex. But after band rehearsal I do have this strange desire to smoke.


Terri said...

Enjoy a well-deserved weekend off!

Avery Gray said...

Lovey--yes, I did get my grocery shopping done today. $300, and not a single California Pizza Kitchen pizza in the mix. (It's Wolfgang Puck for me, sweet cheeks.)

Meleah--thank you, my dear! I'm so glad you enjoyed them!

Holly--wow! I feel like I should send you a Starbuck's gift card or something. To take the hurt away. Totally didn't mean to ruin your life as I did. (BTW, you're a nut, and I love you for it!)

Nap--oh, it'll be broughten!

Mike--thanks, Popcornholio! Coming from you, I am humbled.

SAM--aw, shucks! You're awesome! Thanks for the crazy! I likes me the crazy.

Edge--November has to be the altogether suckiest month to have these things. Well, except for December. June would be better by far! I demand to know who's in charge here!! (And the smoking thing, I don't get it either.)

Terri--thanks! I think I shall.

Kimberly said...

You're as fabulous at the end as you were at the beginning. But I like you anyway.

The Lazy Iguana said...

What the heck was this NoBloPoMo thing all about anyway? Just a place to put 30 posts in 30 days? Cause I do that almost every month. It is not very often that I lose a day posting.

You see, I have a mental illness that causes me to post daily. Teeth? Yes I have posted about teeth. A few times - usually in relation to my visits to the dentist.

I also post about porcupines, poop in a bag that is set on fire and left on the porch, and crappy CDs.

Radioactive Jam said...

NoBloNaBloPoMo to you too. Congratulations!

Aside: your most recent comment got quarantined as spam. I'm not sure why it happened, but I think my feelings are best expressed by this quote from Nelson Muntz:
"Ha-ha! Ha-ha! Ha-ha!"

M@ said...

alright, now I wont' see any more posts about women cleaning their bathrooms or the like. awesome.

Sarcastic Mom (aka Lotus) said...

I'm such a dork - I enjoy posting every day.


Emma Sometimes said...

You did very good...

And as for friends list, you are already added. I had to post that, I have 1, 2, 3, 58 people asking me.

Sheila said...

"Looks like we made it!" (think Barry Manilow) I too have decided to not participate again next year. I liked that it drove me to think more and be more creative but I hated that I felt like I HAD to do it.

R said...

I forgot that you were doing that. I mean, I knew it, but stupidly I wondered why you were so committed to blogging. I would think, "gee whiz, she even blogs on the weekends. She's nuts."

Now I get it. I am that dense, huh?

I have enjoyed your posts. Very funny.

suchsimplepleasures said...

well,i'm thankful for nablopomofo...because it gave me a chance to meet your blog...and, i've been lingering here, ever since. not always commenting but...reading, almost every day.
so...thanks for making me smile!
have a great weekend with, i'm going to take some time to clean the shithole...i mean, the house!

Mya said...

Bravo Avery! 30 days solid blogging - quantity AND quality, I am soooo jealous. Have a great weekend with wotsit and thingumy.

Mya x

Heather, Queen of Shake-Shake said...

Praise Almighty, I didn't do NaBoPlowhatever and *I* want a cigarette!

Pssst....we're playing an underground revolution for next year against this NaHoHuhWha. Wanna join the cult?

dawn224 said...

Happy December! May your month be merry and only blogged when ya feel like!

WorksForMom said...

For the record, only you could make teeth FUNNY! :)

I'm glad it's over too (and I say that as a reader, not a writer)! :)

Melinda Zook said...

Yes, I am spent too. What a month. I do feel a sense of accomplishment, yes. But as I look at the piles of laundry and a heap of papers over here I still still trying to figure out what I actually accomplished!

Joeprah said...

What? You were in some kind of blog everyday gig? I couldn't tell, you just "bring it" naturally I guess. WORD!

Radioactive Jam said...

*checks calendar*
*notes absence of posts since Friday*

Natalie said...

I think you did a great job. I came to your blog a few times this month (but was a total comment slacker because, umm, I was spent, too) and was always entertained. I saw very few of these so called 'crap' posts for which non nomoblofo-ers claimed exist(except my own). I am glad it's over, but I think it did help me in coming up with things to write about. Not that that's a good thing. haha.

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