Thursday, November 1, 2007

A Month of Thanks

November is upon us, and, as often happens this time of year, my thoughts turn to the subject of "Thanks." Of course, I'm thankful for the obvious things--faith, family, life, health, happiness. But, though I'm also grateful for the seemingly less consequential blessings--Febreeze, Tod Goldberg's blog, days my son doesn't kick squirrels--I don't often take the time to express my gratitude for them.

As you know, today marks the beginning of NaBloPoMo. It's been recommended that those involved should come up with a theme--to keep from depleting bloggable subjects and posting inane Youtubes or insipid memes ('If you were a tree, what kind would you be?')--but I've been reticent to jump on that bandwagon. I'm a fly-by-the-seat-of-my-pants type girl. (And I'm also surprisingly dependent on inane Youtubes.) So, tying me down to one theme for a whole 30 days felt like a whole lotta wing-clipping business to me. And you can't cage me! Nope. No sir! Not gonna happen.

Well, never say never is my new motto.

Because I've decided that not only would I not mind the theme of "Thanks", I think I might actually enjoy it! There's so much to be thankful for. So much goodness in this world. So I've decided to take it on. To tackle a theme. To master a motif. To...uh...

I'm gonna blog about "Thanks" for 30 days. How hard could it be?

So, to kick things off, today I'm thankful for:

British People

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Or "Brits" as they sometimes like to be called.

"Brits" crack me up. They really do! From Benny Hill to Monty Python, from Black Adder to the guy who played Borat. They're a riot!

But they're also real people. I should know. My neighbor, Deb--from across the street and across the Pond--is one! I've been afforded an up-close view of the "Brit" in her adopted habitat.

Last night, while ghouls and goblins and good little witches milled about and grubbed for candy, Deb and I hurled good natured insults (as "Brits" are wont to do from time to time) across the way.

Deb (to the wee ones): Don't go to her house. She's mean.

Me: She's just jealous. She's handing out crap.

Deb: It's not crap.

Me: Tootsie Rolls are crap, Deb.

Deb (to the wee ones): Those devil horns are real. And she's crazy.

Me: Don't tell them that!

Deb (to the wee ones' big brother): You look like a thug. Egg her house tonight.

Me (to the kid): Don't you dare! I know where you live!

Deb: I'll cover for him.

Me: No one's going to believe you. Everyone knows you drink.

Deb (sipping vino and tossing another Tootsie Roll in a ninja's pillowcase): It's good for the heart.

Me: By the box, Deb?

Deb: Box wine isn't that bad really. You should try it.

Me: I don't drink.

Deb: Well, you really should. It's good for you. Grapes are fruit.

Me: Speaking of good for you, Deb, say "vitamins".

Deb: "Vittamins"? Why?

Me (laughing): No reason, Deb. No reason.

Ah, British People! Funnier than Canadians by half!

Another funny "Brit" who I am completely enamored with is Ricky Gervais (From the BBC version of "The Office" and "Extras".) This bit on Creationism vs. Evolution had me in stitches.

So, Bob's your uncle, Fanny's your aunt. Thanks for the comic relief, British People. You're top shelf! Spot on! The dog's bollocks, mutt's nuts, and all that rot!

You should be well chuffed!


Eric Valentine said...

Very nice blog and thanks for the vote of 'Brit" loved it. :)

Came here via Newnorths place :)

Shannon aka loveyh said...

The mutt's nuts? I'm dying here...

Pixelation said...

Ricky Gervais is hilarious!

Heather, Queen of Shake-Shake said...

I love Brits.

The Googler UK pervs give me the funniest hits.

Avery Gray said...

Eric--thank you! Glad you made it!

Shannon--I know your new catch phrase.

Pixel--Ricky Gervais is a comic genius! Love him!

Heather--I wish Googler UK pervs would hit me! Wait. That doesn't sound right. ;o)

cathouse teri said...

Nice start with the NaBloPoMo! I'm posting at the NaB... site itself. I'm with you. Just flying by the seat of my panties. ;)

I guess that could be a theme, though! said...

Hey, I just said "and all that rot" today! Great minds think alike. I adore Brits. And their teeth.

Amy Turn Sharp said...

you would love my husband the brit
he is cute and eats hobnobs with tea

meleah rebeccah said...

Fabreeze is the single greatest invention to come along IN YEARS...

Brits rock:

Huge Laurie? House? Hello!

Oh, and the TV show AbFab.

Good luck with sticking to the thankful theme for 30 days Im sure you will be able to pull that off!

ps... this post made me laugh out loud several times. Thanks!

Lilacspecs said...

I'm flying by the seat of my pants for NaBloPoMo right now. I think your theme is awesome and I'm sort of starting to wish I'd done the same, but, well, I guess that can be for next year. Oh, and if you like Brits, check out

I prefer Belgians myself, for obvious reasons :P

Foo said...

Erm... is Aunt Fanny a Brit, or a Yank? The difference could be significant.

christina said...

i love how you spoke of brits in some sense of being like a wid rare bird.. " they are real peope too.. my neighbor is one!" hahaha you are too funny

Jeff said...

I agree 100%. Brits are definitely the dog's bollocks - whatever that is ;-)

Avery Gray said...

Teri--it would make a good theme! I'd love to see what you come up with for that one!

R--"Brits" brush their teeth with orange marmalade. Little known fact.

Amy--hubby's a "Brit"? Lucky lady!

Meleah--I loved Hugh Laurie when he was in Black Adder, I love him now in House. I just all around love Hugh Laurie! Good call!

Lilac--a friend of mine has Eddie Izzard's voice as her ringtone. "The phone is ringing. The phone is ringing. Are you going to pick up the bloody phone?" Hilarious!

Foo--Aunt Fanny is of unknown origin, but she makes the best Shepard's Pie!

Christina--well, they are like wild, rare birds. They're easily spooked and they poop a lot. At least my neighbor Deb is like that. I'm assuming the same can be said for all "Brits".

Jeff--the "dog's bollocks" is a quaint little expression that, as I understand it, equates to our expression "the bee's knees". Of course, I could be totally wrong, and probably am, but it remains, they do sort of resemble... Well, I'm not gonna go there.

newnorth said...

hahaha. this was great. I'm over on youtube watching more now :p

Sheila said...

Not a bad idea! I figured I would work my "I'm Thankful For.." into my other posts. I was wondering how well I might pull-off my NaBloPoMo writings and you have given me some inspiration!

R said...

That's great. I love orange marmalade.

Jo Beaufoix said...

Avery, love the Ricky Gervais clip. He didn't just star in the Office and Extra's you know. He wrote them too.
We're clever we Brits.

hee hee.

And we don't brush our teeth with marmalade, we brush them with gravy.