Sunday, December 9, 2007

Yes, Ethan, There is a Santa Claus

Lucky socks strike again.

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Would you call that a plethora of Transformers? Because I would.

Oh, baby, would I!

Another Sunday up before six, but it's all good. Because the only thing Ethan wants this Christmas--and I mean the ONLY thing--is "a really big Transformer." He sat on Santa's lap, eyes shining bright with hope (or perhaps rheumatic fever), and begged the guy for Optimus Prime.

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No problem, I thought from the confines of my smug little bubble. I'll just pop on into Toys R Us and rustle up a Prime. No biggie.


Huge biggie.

No one had them. Not Optimus Prime, not Bumblebee. Oh, sure, they had plenty of Megatrons, but who wants a Megatron? Prime is money, baby. Megatron, not money. Not for the young'uns. Not unless they're milk money stealing bullies. Those are the only kids who want Megatron.

So, why do I have a Megatron? I panicked! There were no Autobots to be found at the first 3 stores I went to. Just the leader of the Decepticons and his ilk. And I couldn't very well walk away empty handed. If worse came to worse, there had to be a Transformer under the tree. There. Had. To. Be.

So, I rolled to Toys R Us with a little accompaniment from The Raconteurs.

Yeah, I was feeling pretty badass.

When I got there, of course, there was a crowd of about 20 people hoping for a chance to buy a Wii. They didn't have any.


(That wasn't nice. I apologize. Allow me to put down my nunchuk controller and give you a sympathy hug.)

When the Wii crowd dispersed, there were only five of us left standing. No one really wanting to reveal what we were there for. After all, we might be vying for the same prize.

Turns out, four of us were. The odd guy out was looking for a Hannah Montana guitar for his "granddaughter."

Suuure! His granddaughter.

Two of the other guys were there to buy Transformers for their sons. The last one was there to buy them to resell on eBay.


Oh, it's not that I mind that people do that, but come on! Three people just told you they're looking everywhere for these things so their children won't have their hopes dashed on Christmas morning when the Transformer they begged Santa for doesn't show up, and you can't be bothered to invent a child of your own?

"Oh, yeah, little Johnny's just dying to get his hands on as many of these babies as he can this Christmas."

At least then I would just think you're an over-indulgent parent caught up in the magic of the season. *cough*

Well, it worked out fine in the end. EBay was thwarted for the big ones, but he was happy with the little guys, and the rest of us got one big Optimus Prime and one Bumblebee each.

Praise the Lord!

(Not that He is affiliated with or endorses or otherwise approves of the Transformers, or that He had a hand in my procuring said items. I'm just sayin'...)

Our Christmas is saved, and everyone is happy.

So, what's on your wishlist this year?


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Mike said...

I dig the Raconteurs. I'm a Jack White fanboy. And Megatron is a megajerk.

meleah rebeccah said...

Aw... that picture of your son on santas lap is way too cute.

Terri said...

You seem to be having some really incredible luck this season! Go get yourself a lottery ticket, STAT!

Mya said...

What a sweet child - how could you deny him anything? I guess he got his sweetness from his father's side?:) I'm afraid I haven't the foggiest who Megatron et al are - I live in a vaccuum here...but I'm sure they're all nice chaps.

Mya x

holly said...

what a complete cutie!!! oh and your son is really cute too. .. ;)

and *wow* i am so not looking forward to m2 turning the age of the decipti-whats and the whosi-trons? i'm so out of it.

but i know all the polly pocket crap, and bratz i could just puke over. seriously why does she need both the christmas chloe AND the sporty chloe? they're the same chick with a different outfit!!!

i had blocks as a kid. simple, sweet, blocks. and legos.

R said...


My kids ask for abnormal things. Well, the game cube games are normal, but they ask for notebooks, pencils, gum, junk like that. My daughter wants a bathrobe. LOL. No toys.

Jo Beaufoix said...

So glad you got it, them, him, erm, the thingy.

and I would have struggled not to kck the ebay bloke. People who do that are so mean. Any other time of year, whatever, but at Christmas, they're just making parents pay more, or denying kids their dream. Gits.

And Holly, Miss E loves Chloe. She too musy have all things Chloe Bratz. Weird.

The Lazy Iguana said...

Is Megatron still a gun? Cause way back in the 80s with the original Transformers Megatron was a gun / robot thing. There was another gun transformer that did not come to Earth. Shockwave? I think that was it. I heard that because guns are now bad, Megatron is a flower or puppy or something now.

By the way, I looked EVERYWHERE for a water gun I could use to squirt Skipper when he did something bad, like get on the table. There were none to be found. I checked four dollar stores. I had to buy a spray bottle.

I had Prowl. Prowl was the police car. I think I may have had others, but I forgot which ones. I remember Prowl however.

Rima said...

How could you NOT move heaven and earth to procure Optimus Prime for a face like that?

Avery Gray said...

Mike--and here I thought I couldn't like you any more than I already did!

Meleah--thanks, sweetie!

Terri--first thing tomorrow morning I'm scoring me a lottery ticket! (If I win, I'll send you a twenty!)

Mya--sweetness from his father's side?! You DO live in a vacuum!

Holly--blocks? I've heard tell of such things. I thought they were an urban legend.

R--your kids rock the kazbah!

Jo--if he'd come in between me and my objective, he'd have felt my boot! That's for darn sure.

Lazy--Megatron's a fighter jet now. And he has guns aplenty. They shoot bubbles. (No, not really.) And I don't know if you could tell from the picture, but I got the police car. He's not Prowl; this one's called Barricade, and he's a Decepticon. Boo! (BTW, if you like, I can send you a squirt gun. We have plenty.)

Rima--I know, huh?! ;o)

Natalie said...

Well, as you well know, I would very much appreciate any cyber-luck those socks could send me. The Wii is big on my list, because it's free, and because my son would love me forever.

But the other item I had on my list was this new book called Gallop! that is extremely popular this year. I got my hot little hands on one of those today. Who knows if my child will like it, but I sure do!

You didn't get any of those transformers that actually transform did you? Because we have one, Optimus Prime, and his hand is over here, his foot is over there... You get the picture. My son has never really played with it. Nope, I managed to destroy it all on my own thank you very much.

And that ebay dude? Grrrr....

From Here to There

WorksForMom said...

Your son on Santa's lap is adorable. Kids actually do smile on his lap? I did NOT know that.

My son is too young to know the hip gifts yet. My husband wanted a Wii (note the tense - wanted - as in no way in hell will he get one).

Lis Garrett said...

LOL! Is my son the only one who has no interest in Transformers? He discovered my husband's stash of old Legos while at Granny's house for Thanksgiving, so he's getting a big bucket of those (like I don't already have enough toys with small pieces with all the thousands of little PlayMobil accessories). I have it on good authority that Santa is brining him Fisher-Price T-Rex Mountain. Older daughter is getting a keyboard and younger daughter, a dollhouse.

PS - That's a GREAT photo of Ethan and Santa - most definitely the best I have ever seen!

Jo Jo said...
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Jo Jo said...

Ethan sounds like my boy. All of his Christmas gifts this year are Transformers! From large to small to bedding! All Transformers...all the time!

Love the picture of Ethan with doesn't get any cuter then that!

The Lazy Iguana said...

Megatron is a fighter jet? LAME! Starscream is a fighter jet, along with at least two or three others. In the 80s, the good guys were all cars, trucks, dinosaurs, or train/base things. The bad guys were either guns, aircraft, or a Walkman.

In the cartoons and original cartoon movie, Megatron would transform and then another Decepticon would shoot Megatron at the Autobots.

Dapoppins said...

They had those big ones at Target forever! Where have you been?

newnorth said...

wooohooo!!!! lucky Ethan

clairec23 said...

Cute kid with Santy pic. I reeeeeally have to get one of those :/ My kid is in love with Transformers too, mostly because of his father (somehow my son magically loves all of the things his Dad loved as a kid, hmm...) and I think the film has played in my house at least 30 times by now. I like Bumblebee and all but not 30 times!

Dan Leone said...

That is an awesome Santa! He is much better than the tipsy manorexic with the grayish-yellow eyes in our mall!

Your son looks so happy.

Cafe Leone

Melinda Zook said...

Congrats to you! I have probably one more year before my little ones get misty eyed about a toy forcing me to become a crazed woman on a mission. Looks like luck came in your favor!

Great pic with Santa too.

Mert said...

You are the sweetest mommy, standing in line and not killing the idiots and douches! BTW, that picture is just pure joy, what a cutie!

Jill said...

Thanks-you just reminded me that my daughter wants a "Hannah Montana" guitar!

Your son is sooo sweet! All that Transformer talk is Greek to me-I have no idea what you are talking about. My Little Ponies and Barbies-I'm well versed in.

Joeprah said...

Dude, you are ahead of me, I am trying to Ebay me some Yo Gabba Gabba toys. They sold out almost immediately and can only be found on ebay at like triple the cost. YIKES!!

Stephen said...

I'd love to have a Wii, but that ain't gonna happen, so I'll just enjoy my kids enjoying their stuff. :)

My wife is getting me the Transformers DVD (I peeked).

Karen said...

Such a great smile on that kid of yours! I have an Ethan too, but he's big and teenager-ish now. I miss the sweet innocent smile days!!