Wednesday, January 2, 2008

Another One Bites the Dust

I bid a fond farewell to my "Write less" Shmesolution.

Today's word count: 3124 unedited.

Oh yeah! Uh huh! (I'm doing the white girl Cabbage Patch.)

Possible reasons for this unparalleled bout of prolificacy: today was the first day in the last fourteen the TV was not on once, there is not one single working phone in this house (stupid awesome batteries), and best of all, I was alone for eight magical hours.

Eight fantastical hours.

Eight hours when no one required a darn thing of me.


Of course, that means I am just falling farther and farther behind in my blog reading. I am filled with shame. And deliciously prepared chicken. But mostly shame.

Dinner was great. Thanks for asking.

Anyhow, tomorrow is Lovey's 30th birthday, and I've invited her and the kids over for a rousing day of Wii play, so no blog reading then.

And Saturday, I'm "dragging" her...*snicker* Darcelle's. (Just don't call them drag queens. They're "showgirl emulators".)

Long story short, I have every intention of catching up on all your fine blogs. Eventually. But to tide you over, here's another look at the Gert Jonnys.


Mmmm... Sexy.


loveyh said...

Groan. Argh. That hurt, it was so bad.

See you soon!

Marianne Arkins said...

Um... who are the Gert Johnny's, and why do I need a look at them?

And why is it that many of those "showgirl emulators" are WAY better looking than I am? Or than half the women I know???

Happy writing. Keep breaking those schmesolutions!

And THANK YOU FROM THE BOTTOM OF MY HEART for not having word verification on your blog!!

I <3 you for that alone.

holly said...

okay, i can avoid the tv. how do you avoid the children who keep not staying in their beds

1) i need to go to the toilet
"you've been 8 times!!!"
2) my tummy hurts
"yes, that's because you never ate your dinner!"
3) i can't sleep
"that's because you keep calling me!"
4) yadda yadda yadda

Rima said...

Have fun with the wii and showgirl emulator debauchery!

Cailleach said...

Avery - you're mad! And you cheered up my day - I like those shmesolutions... :)

Sheila said...

Whenever I need a good laugh, I know I can always count on you! Thanks for the smiles!

clairec23 said...

Well done on the wordcount! Keep up the good work ;) And feck other blogs, you have to do your own thing every now and then.

newnorth said...


meleah rebeccah said...

I cant read the post. All I can see is the background.....I feel like I am missing out here!

Edge said...

I bet the Darcelle's thing is funny!


missburrows said...

Don't forget to bring your feather boas.

Doozie said...

I am lost...I can't feel my legs

Jennifer said...

See, that's why I don't make resolutions or shmesolutions. Who can stand the pressure? Sounds like you've got a good handle on yours, though. ;-)

Kimberly said...

That picture is so very, very disturbing. Have fun you prolificate you! (ooo...that sounded kind of dirty...)

Jo Beaufoix said...

I think I'm in luuuuurve.
I want them.

Feener said...

who are these folks ???

M@ said...

So what do you write?

Doozie said...

I'm with kimberly, I am never going to be able to get that out of my head, you can't gouge out your minds eye but I will certainly try. those are some of the gayest men I have ever laid eyes on, no offense to those who play for the other team ;)

Avery Gray said...

Lovey--zip it, wench.

Marianne--who are the Gert Jonnys?! You even need to ask? (I have no idea. But that's a lot of sexy man flesh, no?) Oh, and you're welcome! ;o)

Holly--I never had a problem with the boy staying in bed. He's a good sleeper. Has been since he was 2 months old. I'm a lucky, lucky mom.

Rima--we'll toast to you! Thanks!

Cailleach--glad I could help! ;o)

Sheila--why, thank you, my dear! That's what I'm here for!

Claire--you Irish have such a way with words! Thanks, sweetie!

Newnorth--oh, yeah!

Meleah--oh, I'm sorry. Does it work on a reader? Not that I'm telling you you must subscribe, but, heck, I'm worth it. ;o)

Jef--I've been before, and it's a hoot!

Miss Burrows--like I ever leave my home without one!

Dooz--you used too much old people salve. I told you--a little goes a long way.

Jennifer--you really should try it. It feels great to fail at something!

Kimberly--what a dirty girl you are! Next you'll be telling me to go masticate, too!

Jo--well, take a number, tuts!

Feener--I'm not real sure, but I can tell you they're Swedish. That's all you need to know.

M@--I write whatever inspires me. Usually romance or romantica.

Dooz--hey, gay men need love, too!

Oh, The Joys said...

What is the meaning of this: the white girl Cabbage Patch?

Avery Gray said...

Jess--check this out. (Warning: naked butt!)

Doozie said...

you made me laugh so hard with your comment 2 night that I had to change underpanties.....and that after I made emmers laugh so hard she spit and pee'd because of my retarded antics with men. yea I am retarded with men that's why I don't have one...not even a gay one

meleah rebeccah said...


Well I can SEE IT NOW woman! Wheee!!

Dapoppins said...

I want proof that you actually managed that word count. PROOF,