Monday, January 14, 2008

A Little Something for the Fellas

I haven't forgotten about you, guys.

I'm sure you could care less about chocolate or whether or not the ladies of blogland ever eat it again. So, before I chase you away in droves, I figure I'd show my appreciation for you sticking around as long as you have.

Consider it a bribe. I might need to talk about hormones at some point, and I don't want to have to do this every time I get a little girly on you.

So, first things first, for M@, I have a major award!

I'm sure I'm small potatoes on M@'s radar. He's amazingly articulate and intimidatingly intelligent, and he's not afraid to speak his mind on any topic. I may attempt to match wits with him on occasion, but I never delude myself into thinking I have a shot in hell at succeeding. But even though he may insult me from time to time, he does it in a way that makes me think I might not be insulted after all.

Now, that is skill.

So, for him, I have an original award I've named the "Blog of Steel Award".

For the guy who don't take no guff off no one.

Hope you like it, M@. It's no "Yoga as Porn", but it's the best I could do.

Now, for Jef, I have a big ol' box of chocolates.


Ha! That'll teach you to sass my burgeoning resistance forces.

Next, I told Lazy Ig a while back that I would post pictures of our boat. We actually have two--a 15 foot Alaskan Smoker Craft for drift fishing, and an 18 foot Jetcraft for fishing in the Columbia River. The Jetcraft is my husband's baby, as I'm sure Ig can relate. He's quite the boater himself.


There's hubby and the boy after a day of Kokanee fishing onboard the "Happy Hooker". (No, that is not emblazoned on the back. Over my dead body will it ever be.)


Ethan helping Dad drive the boat.


And these are what we catch when the boy's not around. The big one on the left is a Chinook salmon. The one on the right is a Coho. And, yes, I landed them both.

Rock star!

Hope you like those, Ig! I can even tell you what kind of depth finder we use--it's a Lowrance! But don't ask me anything more technical than that. I'm sort of like the Julie McCoy on The Love Boat. I doubt she'd know anything about bilge pumps either.

Last but not least, Mike, this one's for you...


The Lazy Iguana said...

That Jetcraft looks sweet. She would be right at home in Biscayne Bay. My power cat may or may not be at home in the Colombia River. But I think that my cat design and steeper deadrise would do slightly better offshore. Still, I like aluminum hull boats! They are light. In saltwater you need to be careful with them. NO COPPER BOTTOM PAINT! In freshwater it does not matter as much. Do you have the 1925 Adventure or the 1925 Discovery?

I really like the pilot house models. A pilot house would extend your boating season, and give you a place to hide from cold rain.

Still, nice ride! The river is a totally different animal than my bay. If I ever get up there I would love a ride on the Colombia! The chance to salmon fish would just be extra goodness. Ill bring my own PFD :)

M@ said...

Wow. I'm glad I read this before work. Now I'll have a big head all morning around those "morons." :) I can't wait to up my new award.

Lilacspecs said...

So, want I should send you a box of Belgian pralines to toss at the choconuts (crazy, all of em)? I'm willing to cover international shipping if it means spreading choco-lovin round the world.

holly said...

that sounds so totally fun! i got into boating when i was in hawaii. the *being on one* part. not the *knowing anything about it* part.

oh AND i spent a summer up off the coast of alaska on a fishing boat, thereby ending my fish-squeamishness (that's a word) i know you really wanted to know that. that's what i'm here for.

after this whole choconot craziness blows over and we realize there's room for both of us in this crazy world, i'll come visit you (see me inviting myself) and perhaps rides will be had? i'll bring you chocolate.....(and you will *love* it so much you'll renounce all previous chocolate as a fake copy).

you can NOT say fairer than that, can you?

Mike said...

Wooo! Those other guys might have better blogs, and perhaps less hairy feet, but I got the best present here. In their faces!!

Avery Gray said...

Ig--Adventure or Discovery? I have no idea. That would be a question for the captain. I just hold the clipboard and look purty. Next time you're out this way, I'll take you out in it. (The PFD sweetened the deal!)

M@--glad you like it!

Lilac--if you send me a box of Belgian pralines, most likely they will not be thrown at anyone, but inhaled by my praline-loving hubby. Which is all good. I'll just throw the cheap stuff. ;o)

Holly--that sounds like a great idea to me. And we'll make s'mores and sing Kumbaya around the campfire. Good times!

Mike--(that's 'cause I like you best. Don't tell anyone.)

missburrows said...

The next time you want to show off your fish, please don't stand in front of my house. Gheez, we had to clean up fish scales for a week!

Oh, right...all the houses in our town do look the same...

Edge said...

Thanks ... I'll bring it to the office to share.

I swear the CIA is trying to subjugate women with coffee and chocolate. What's wrong with you people?

And my ... what big ... fish you have!


Groovy Mom said...

You're so sweet and thoughtful to take care of your guy peeps! I think secretly, though, they enjoy it when we get all girly. Just throw in the word, "nipple," once in a while, and they'll stick around for life.

Edge said...

Ha ha ha ha ha! Groovy mom said "Nipple"!


Jo Beaufoix said...

Wow. Your boats look amazing.
And I love the Hiphopapotamus and the Rhymnocerous. Fabulous.

Kimberly said...

I read. I sighed. I smiled.

Jo Beaufoix said...

Avery, I saw at Cami's we have a truce type thing. Good. It was so funny though. Now where is my step machine. :D

Emma Sometimes said...

hehe, blog of steel.

I hope Jef doesn't mind if I snag one of those goodies. mmmm, chocolate...

Those fish are impressive. Who knew?? I haven't fished in years but give me a broiling pan and some lemon pepper and I'm good to go. :)

Avery Gray said...

Miss Burrows--actually, that was in front of my in-laws house. But you're right. Lots of houses do look the same. That's probably true of most places.

Jef--like those, huh? You dirty boy!

Groovy--nipple, nipple, nipple...

Jo--I can't really take any credit for the boats. I have hubby to thank for those. But the Flight of the Conchords was all me, baby! (And, yes, I do believe a tenuous truce has been reached. Details to follow.)

Kimberly--my work here is done.

Emma--I feel a girl trip coming on! Are you squeamish about baiting your own hook?

The Lazy Iguana said...

The Adventure and Discovery are the same size. Well almost. The Discovery is slightly larger and rated for more power.

I am kind of surprised that you do not have a jet drive lower unit. I guess the river is deep enough but a jet drive has no propeller and can run in shallower water. There is less of a chance for the lower unit to hit a rock.

Joeprah said...

First, the video...awesome! My lyrics are bottomless.......LMAO. Also, nice job with the fish! Holy Moly! I have never caught a fish that big...truthfully at least. Cool beans.

Avery Gray said...

Ig--hubby says neither. It's a custom built Yukon. And we don't have a sled because we don't do any shallow water boat fishing, like for bass. If the salmon runs are shallow, we either bank fish or troll in the Alaskan. The Jetcraft is solely for deep water channels--salmon and sturgeon like the deep water anyhow.

Joe--those aren't even the biggest I've caught! The Mack Daddy of all my salmon was a 30-pound Chinook. Sore arms that day!

Anonymous said...

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