Wednesday, January 30, 2008


Last year I was jonesin' for blog peeps.

And I found 'em. Boy howdy, did I ever!

I went from having one visitor a day--hi, Dapoppins!--to over 200.

A lot of you I met through cre8buzz. 'Cause, hey, The Buzz is a great place to meet people and increase blog traffic.

(Have invites, will share!)

And some, like my lovely pals, Momma, Dawn, and Amy Turn Sharp, I met through the accursed NaBloPoMo.

(It is a fool's errand! Turn back while you still caaaaan!!!)

I get a few a day who find me through keywords on Google or some other search engine. Odd that the ones looking for "diapered sorority girls" or "dirty woman baking" don't stick around long.

At least the one who found me by searching "old gray and not nice" lasted 3 minutes, though I'm not quite ready to examine my feelings about that just yet.

But in the last couple of weeks, I have been getting a high volume of hits from men in foreign countries through Blog Catalog.

I have no idea why.

BC isn't one of those sites I visit often. I only signed up there so I could snag the widget.

(I'm a whore for widgets. Can't be helped.)

Has this been happening to anyone else? I'm really curious.

Anyhow, speaking of my buddy Amy, a fellow writer who actually writes, she has tagged me with a thought-provoking meme. It doesn't really have a name, but I'm calling it "The Plus One Meme". I think you'll see why...

Name something you do everyday:
  • Poop.

Name two things you wish you could learn:
  • Candor.

  • The winning Powerball numbers a day in advance.

Name three things that remind you of your childhood:
  • Pabst Blue Ribbon.

  • Styrofoam.

  • Pod chairs.

Name four things you love to eat but rarely do:
  • Duck.

  • Sturgeon.

  • Nachos.

  • Pineapple cheesecake.

Name five things that make you feel good:
  • Unexpected discounts.

  • Good hair days.

  • Jeans that fit right.

  • Good lovin'.

  • Comments. ;o)

(Did I mention I'm also a whore for comments?)


Edge said...

What? Mom jeans and a good bra don't make the list?


Natalie said...

You go girl! I'm happy if I get 30 hits a day, and half of those are from my own dang browser (yes, I turned on the "ignore my browser" option - it doesn't work for me).

Oh, and the men visitors? It doesn't have anything to do with the frequent references to your rack, does it?

Lis Garrett said...

Whaddya have? Down-home flavor. Whaddya have? True-blue flavor.
Whaddya have? Pabst Blue Ribbon.
Pabst Blue Ribbon Beeeeeeer.

We taught to Hannah when she was two. That's quality parenting, that is. Hardee har har.

missburrows said...

Your a whole lot of whore, ya' know that?

terri said...

Yes... lots of adds on blog catalog from the foreign guys. I accept and add them all, but especially love the italian ones! Even if I can't read their blogs and am too lazy to use a translator.

TheVasquez3 said...

i am a comment whore i am here to leave a little love and enable you...cuz that's how i roll!

great meme!

Groovy Mom said...

Maybe the increased male traffic is because you talk about your boobs too much. ;-)

Huckdoll said...

Great answers, love that meme! I dig hearing about other peoples analytics. Mine are ridiculous, but then again, my blog is quite dirty depending on how you look at it...

Doodaddy said...

Man, you have a good memory -- I have no idea where people found my blog, nor even where I found yours. (Maybe you remember?)

I surf too much.


P.S. Will you really share a cre8buzz invite? (You'll remember... I rescued your blog background on IE... and I'll never let you forget it!)

sybil law said...

Cute meme!

Caffeine Court said...

Here's another comment for ya, you greedy little ho!

suchsimplepleasures said...

i've been getting a little over 200 hits/day...entrecard is one of the reasons. only, none of those stick around. i must be seriously boring!! for your meme...i'm poop every day!? i wish i could! i think i need to increase my coffee intake. my one pot just isn't doing the trick anymore!!

Amy Turn Sharp said...

kiss kiss mama!

Doozie said...

well, I am a comment-tard because I comment whether I have something to say or not.

those pod chairs are terrifying

Dapoppins said...

soon you will be getting google hits for Cavernous Cleavage Girl, I just know it. And Thanks for the linkes...I just checked my stats and half my readers read you first...

I think I mean thanks.

Jack A$$

Dapoppins said...

Well, you know what I mean.

hugs! XOXO

holly said...

i have never kept your link handy (other than on my blogroll, but that would be too easy to click).

instead what i do is try to find you with the following phrases :

"great big window licker"

"woman with large sweater puppies"

"lesbian hippy who will show boobs"

"comment whore"

that last one is because "regular whore" gets *me* in the google results. duh, i can find *me*.

but google knows me well, and the phrase:

"damn dirty republican i would like to sit on a boat and eat chocolate with"

brings me to you every time.

R said...

I have a pathetic number of people who visit and never read. I am so dang interesting though. Really.

Good for you.

Maybe all the guys like your "girls"---words gets around, I guess.

Mert said...

LOL! You poop every day? Awesome! ;) I don't seem to find the time for the buzz anymore... I need to make myself go over there!

Jo Beaufoix said...

Hee hee. I get a few blokes form blog catalogue, possibly due to the mention of Kate Moss in my header. Then I give em Ostrich. Poor fools.
And I'd give blogger a kick if I were you. There'd have been three more comments from me the other day if it hadn't suddenly gone all mean and not let me post anymore. Blogger is a beotch.

Avery Gray said...

Jef--those are staples. And I feel good every day!

Natalie--no way! Men aren't that shallow! ;o)

Lis--you're my kinda mom!

Miss Burrows--is it that obvious?

Terri--I don't know. Reading Italian isn't nearly as romantic as hearing it spoken. But, oooo, when it is... Yum!

Vasquez--aw! Thanks for the enabling! I'll be over today to return the favor. ;o)

Groovy--is there such a thing as talking about boobs too much?

Huck--it never ceases to amaze me the depths of depravity that bring the masses to my blog. "What rhymes with snuggle?" Sick, man. Just sick.

Doodaddy--probably through a blog friend of a blog friend. I'm hurt that you don't remember the events exactly. Finding my blog has to be a momentous occasion, no?

Sybil--who you callin' a whore?! Oh, wait. That would be me.

Jill--thanks, babe! You know how I like it!

SSP--my secret? LOTS of water. Every day. Keeps the pipes clean.

Amy--love you, babe!

Doozie--aren't they? My husband wants one. He said it would make him feel like Dr. Evil.

Dapo--you're welcome, jackass! ;o)

Holly--I can't top that. I bow to the Queen of Funny!

R--and since I'm the only one on the internet talking about boobs, I can see why men find me so interesting. Maybe more bloggers should get on this boob bandwagon.

Mert--it is awesome! I have awesome poop! (Oh, God! I can't imagine what type of hits I'll be getting now.)

Jo--I would, but I'm scared. Hold me!

meleah rebeccah said...

I am also a comment whore...

Radioactive Jam said...

Candor... isn't that like, the national language of Canada or something? Eh?

Queen of Shake-Shake said...

I'm not even sure what Candor is exactly. Is that something I should aim to learn also?

Besides, candor it sounds like a venereal disease.

And you forgot about me. you found me by leaving a funny comment or two on my blog. I always visit the commenters who are funny.

Queen of Shake-Shake said...

Um, I meant how I found you.

Ginormous brain fart there. Sorry.

The Casual Perfectionist said...

Yo, thanks for the shout-out! :) I sent you an email about the cre8buzz thingy a while ago, but never heard back. *sniffle*

Maybe my email got eaten by your spambot?

Send me some info if you get a chance... :)