Monday, March 24, 2008

Right Up My Alley

First things first, I want to wish my husband--the one I so unceremoniously killed off in the last post--a Happy 43rd Birthday! He's spending this week working in Phoenix, so we won't be able to properly celebrate until he gets home on Friday.

Too bad it's not Wednesday. Then it would be Business Time.



Also, regarding the post about my computer--thank you to everyone who has offered up some suggestions. I haven't had a chance the past few days to try anything, but I will this week. I've already removed a custom content file I suspected was corrupt, and that has helped some. Oh, and to answer your question, Mike, it has 1022 MB of RAM, and I ran 'Can You Run It?' on the game and all the EP's individually, and it passed. Unfortunately, there's no way to run it all together, so it may be that I need more memory. I'm thinking I might just add some anyhow. Couldn't hurt, right?

(Dun dun duuuunnnnn...)

Well, while my computer is still relatively operational, I figure it's probably best to post the meme that Meleah tagged me with last week. And, boy, is it a treat for you! A revealing glimpse into my world, if you will.

The premise--photograph five things in your house that "say something about the person you are"--seems simple enough, but it was a lot harder for me to do than I thought it would be. I maaaay have fudged with the rules a little and turned it into 5 types of things that say something about me.

You won't tell, will you?

#1--Metal scrolls...

You'll find them everywhere in my house. Don't know why. I just love the look of them. If there's an empty spot on the wall, throw a scroll on there, and you're done! (Kinda my decorating philosophy in a nutshell.)


#2--Family pictures

Like metal scrolls, family pictures are a great way to use up wall space...and seem sentimental while you're at it! I have lots of pictures of my guys up, but the one picture that gets the most comments is the one (at the bottom) of a family pictured in, I'm guessing, the late 1800's. I found that old picture in an antique store in Coburg, Oregon, and thought it might be nice to frame. I'm asked all the time by people who come to my home if they are ancestors of mine. They're not, but I think I might make up a story about my crazy great-great-great grandparents, Jeb and Elsie, and their wacky offspring, Hezekiah and Lulu.



I know, I know. I'm weird. I like grapes. Not just to eat, though we go through plenty. I like to put fake grapes here and there around my house. The calendar on my wall is "Vineyards of the World" (though I don't drink wine). I had grapes in my bridal bouquet, for Heaven's sake. I. Like. Grapes. No reason.



I'm a DIY'er. A do-it-yourselfer. If there's a job to be done, I'm your girl. I have a compound miter saw, and I ain't afraid to use it!

Okay, I won't be rewiring my house anytime soon, but I'm also not afraid to break a nail. I do it all the time. I make my own Roman shades--(it's easy! I can tell you how!)--hang molding, reupholster furniture. Why, I even wallpapered my bathroom ceiling and made a tribal mask out of cardboard and paper mache.

Somebody get me a show!



I think my desk pretty much says it all. And, yes, that's how every surface of my house usually looks--covered in clutter. I'm not a neat person by any means. There are a million and one things I would rather do with my time than clean. So, I keep up with the dishes and the garbage and the laundry--anything that might grow something gross and eventually smell bad--but clutter? Eh.


So, there you have it. I'm tagging everyone on my blogroll with this one.

Let's see what you got!


Karen C. said...

Oh, um, hey!! I just noticed that I'm actually on your blogroll!! Me! On Avery Gray's blogroll!! This is serious. Also, I have some serious writer's block, so I'm happy to take on the task. Thanks!

Groovy Mom said...

Happy birthday to your hubs! Mine will be turning 43 later this year too.

I think there is probably something Freudian about the love of grapes. Hmmm.

Groovy Mom said...

Oh, and you've almost got me sold on the Sims. I'm considering it as my next addiction.

Flip Flop Momma said...

well happy birthday to the hubs..

I am having issues with my computer too, I mean its bad..

Love the metal things, I use to have lots of that sorta stuff too, but I gave it all away when we moved outta state...

and I LOVE the grapes in your wedding flowers..

Erin said...

I love your bathroom ceiling. Very unique and very pretty! And that's how my desk looks a lot of the time. Everything at hand.

Rima said...

I am all about the wrought iron scrolls, too. Also, those little cupid's arrow embellishments at the end of drapery rods. Because I could totally use my drapery rod as a lethal weapon if I had to.

Caffeine Court said...

Yowsa! I am so impressed with you DIY skills! I'll have my camera out this week so I'll do this ASAP!

Janie said...

Happy birthday to your hubby!

(I laughed until I cried at that video! Thanks for sharing!)

FUN-ky Mama said...

So, I like the metal scrolls, too. My house is full of them. And our computer desks look alike.

loveyh said...

Girl, you know I love you...I may actually do this one. For a change.

Also? Still would have been superfunny had the grapes in your wedding bouquet been real.

Jessica said...

I want to come over.

meleah rebeccah said...

Happy Birthday to your husband!

I loved your 5! Thanks so much for playing!

ps....your decorating ideas are FABULOUS. xxoo

holly said...

we seriously are twins. why?

#1 i have metal scrolls. okay, they are on my computer, but they scroll, and they are metal. my favorite music? heavy metal scrolls.

#2 i like pictures of family! one day, i'm gonna get me some me-time, and i'm gonna print me off some photos, and hang 'em up. in places where people can see 'em.
also, i have a cousin named hezekiah. although we call him hezie. crazy hezie. he has a stutter. some people think he's a rapper. sadly, he is.

#3 i SO love grapes and i SO don't drink wine! this is really, i promise you, true, unlike some of the other crap i write to you. further, i lOVE frozen grapes. and i *don't* drink frozen wine.

#4 I AM A DIY-ER! crap, i'm always telling people "what? get some dinner for you? you should DIY!!!" but really it's cuz i'm building some shelves for them at the time. you so trump me though. i don't reupholster. i don't even upholster. what makes you think i'm going to *re* do something i didn't do in the first place?

#5 i would rather have my legs waxed, upholstered, reupholstered, then unupholstered, than tidy. i only got a new job because i was bored of the mess on my old desk. there, i've said it. i should get a new house!!! thanks for the help again, av.

oh shit. i'm on your blogroll. FIIIIIINE. but i have to go to edinburgh first. k? k.

Don Mills Diva said...

Happy birthday to your hubby!

Caffeine Court said...

Okay my darling...I did it! Now I'm so pooped I won't be able to do anything else for a few days!

mielikki said...

see, but I am not at my house right now. But I put up pictures of 3 things I transported with me to MM's house yesterday...

Groovy Mom said...

mines up!

Lia said...

That family photo from Oregon? I think I know them.

Huckdoll said...

Wow, you've got beautiful stuff, Avery. I can't wait till I can have nice things again without worrying about them being trashed by two toddlers on a mission to destroy.

Jo Beaufoix said...

I love your house Avery. The scrolls are gorgeous. I have photos everywhere too.

The grapes, that's mad, but they do look nice and kind of opulent, so hey why not.

Your DIY is fabulous. I help with stuff like that, and I do the arty stuff, and I wallpaper, but anything where I have to drill, into walls, then I'm gone. I just know I would explode something.

And the clutter, it is me. If there is a surface, I cover it.

I'll do this when my blog is all madeover and finished, well, if I remember. Sighhhh. My head has holes in it.

Anonymous said...

I look at your beautiful metal scrolls, mantle, bathroom ceiling, etc and then I look at your desk and I can't believe they are in the same house!