Monday, March 3, 2008

Taxation Without Gratification

Happy Monday, everyone!

I hope your weekend was as wonderful as mine. I don't know how that's possible though, unless you did a lot of cleaning and talked about your taxes, too.

Good times.

Yes, the tax discussion was lively and riveting, and was sprinkled with just a dash of four-letter "sentence enhancers". (i.e. "Holy [word that rhymes with 'spit'], that's a lot of money!")

Lest you think that means we're in dire straits and will soon be living under a bridge in a Frigidaire box, let me assure you we were talking about our refund.

We don't know the exact figures yet. I'll be making an appointment with our accountant today, but if the numbers in the past are anything to go by, we'll be expecting a nice chunk of change.

Not to be crass (yeah, like that's ever stopped me), but that SUV in our driveway? 2004's refund. Paid cash.

This year's refund won't be SUV-buyin' big. My husband, much as he loved getting that "windfall" every year, was finally persuaded to change the exemptions on his W4. I guess he realized that it's not like winning the lottery if it's just your own money being so kindly bestowed upon you by the slacker friend who borrowed it in the first place.

(Whitey is such a pain that way.)

But we'll be getting enough to pay off the credit card and possibly take a trip somewhere.

So, why, you might be wondering after Friday's post, don't I just go and buy myself the frickin' cable or a new camcorder already? It's simple really.

My husband is a loon.

If it wasn't for me, he would probably stuff the large bills in his mattress and use the singles to fashion himself a comfy, if impractical, security blanket. He likes it liquid and easily accessible, but he doesn't want it spent.

Then there's me, who, before I became a blushing bride and got with child, was completely independent, debt-free, and had my eye on any number of Ralph Lauren bed sets and Marc Jacobs handbags. And if I wanted a firewire cable for my video camera, I was damn sure going to get one. And it would be the sparkliest, pinkest firewire cable I could find, and it would come with a matching carrying case. Naturally.

Of course, that's single girl mentality, and I have done my best to change my ways. As long as I'm not required to clip coupons or shop at WalMart, I'm okay. I even try to take my husband's feelings into account.

Oh, not on my blog. But, you know, in that other place. That counts for something, right?


Natalie said...

I'm jealous. I wish I made enough that I would get a huge refund if I had the max in taxes taken out. *sigh*. Lucky duck. :)

Boy did that sound pathetic or what? I hope you are able to have at least a little fun with it!

Groovy Mom said...

We talked about taxes too. More precisely, we talked about how my husband spent our refund the minute it hit the bank. :-P

He paid off bills, so I guess that's good, but not nearly as fun as buying a new kitchen counter and sink, which we desperately need, or taking a trip, which I desperately need.

Edge said...

I was surprised how much we got back this year. It will be the last year to count child care expenses so next year will be a drop, but I'll have more in my pocket from not paying the school.

I don't think we get to buy an SUV, we just get to pay for some plastic.

And I hate shopping at Walmart because I have to.


GoneBackSouth said...

Consider yourself TAGGED ... come on over to my place ...

The Immoral Matriarch said...

Of COURSE it counts!!!

And I demand your presence at my blog post of today. I wrote it thinking "I hope Avery reads it and tells me what she thinks."

As long as it's not bad.Then, I don't wanna know.:(

meleah rebeccah said...

"And it would be the sparkliest, pinkest firewire cable I could find, and it would come with a matching carrying case. Naturally."

Oh hell yes!

and hahahahahaah

terri said...

I'm hoping we'll get even a small refund this year, but it's not looking good. Have fun with yours!

Sugarplum's Mom said...

oh yeah - my husband has already bought a new computer and new bed to replace the one we bought just 1 year ago that he's convinced is responsible for the back pain he started feeling 7 months later. Never mind we don't have it yet.. that's just a minor detail..

Caffeine Court said...

We got our refund last week. I was SO EXCITED!

Sounds like your hubby and mine would get along famously. We paid down all our cards and now we're planning our 10 year wedding anniversary trip. Hurray!

sybil law said...

I hope you get to spend some of it on something fun, anyway!
Also, by other place, were you talking about a heart?!

loveyh said...

What a fantabulous title! ;)

So, I hear you--we used ours to pay off our Amex--but it's still got about 1100 on it. That's why we're trying to not go home for Thanksgiving for a few years.

missburrows said...

Do could always just do a drawing of you and lovey playing wii. I'm sure that would suffice.

holly said...

lol. "sentence enhancers" . my good lord i used a lot of sentence enhancers whilst explaining to my husband the merits of picking his stuff-that-rhymes-with-spit up off the floor today.

in my head.

i hope that tax stuff works out well over there. my mom needs herself a computer. one i can troubleshoot from 70000 miles away.

Erin said...

Oh, I'm so happy to be made me giggle.

I've been avoiding tax talk and actually doing anything about taxes. I guess it's that time. I don't think any windfalls or refunds will be in our near future, unfortunately.