Monday, March 17, 2008

When Irish Eyes Are Smilin'...

And a Happy Saint Patty's Day to ya now!

I've started the celebration early. Got my Lucky Charms and a keg of O'Doul's.

(Did somebody say par-tay?!)

But, most importantly, I got my ultra cool St. Pat's attire from my ultra cool blogger buddy, Yajeev's ultra cool super duper deluxe Megastore at Check out what's plastered across my boob's today.


No, not the little Irish man. (That's many O'Doul's from now.)

It's Yajeev's high quality merchandise at ridiculously reasonable prices!

If you haven't read this guy's blog, you're not one of the cool people, and I refuse to associate with you. The man is hilarious!

Plus, he's clumsier than me, and he's not afraid to tell the world about it. He's got blog balls of steel!

Go. Now. I'll wait.

So, was I right or was I right, huh?

Yeah, I was right. You're welcome.

Anywho, other than hocking the wares of a superbly talented blogger, I've got a pretty full docket for the day. In addition to the Lucky Charms binging and O'Doul's imbibing, I'm going to whittle me up a perfectly good bar of Irish Spring soap with my stabbin' knife.

(It's a soap...canoe!)

Then I'm off to the local pub, where, after a rousing rendition of "Danny Boy" which will leave not a dry eye in the house, I'll throw away all the potatoes and everyone will starve.

Sounds like good times to me.

What's on your agenda?


Mike said...

St. Patrick's Day is a great day for work-at-home people like me. Once a year, my daily habit of drinking Guinness in my bathrobe is warranted.

Edge said...

I'll be havin' the shepherd's pie and green tea. My wife doesn't like koolaid.


Lilacspecs said...

Sounds like fun. Chug an O'Douls for me!

Groovy Mom said...

I'll probably send my husband a text message and a picture of my boobs. Oh wait! That was Mardi Gras. Dang. I got nothin'.

terri said...

I took a few days off this weak because the kids are on spring break. In the car today, one of them asked if it was St. Patrick's day. I replied, "Yes. It is." The hubby asked, "It is?" "Yep." We are very excited, as you can tell.

loveyh said...

I'm wearing my green Smurfs shirt (and I've called you three times to wish you a HSPD and you're not answering the phone!!) and going to the OB/GYN this afternoon.

We're a high-partying folk here. :)

R said...

Burgs. How's that for Irish fare?

I have never cared one whit about St. Patrick's Day. I think the dear man would roll over in his grave knowing his name is on a day where people get drunk (except you, drinking O douls---ha ha)and punch people for not wearing green.

But I love green.

Dapoppins said...

uh. I took a nap.

holly said...

i'm going to go sleep it off. it was a rough patty's day for me, with not one guinness betwixt the husband and myself. st. patty's day should always fall on friday, i just decided. make it so.

M@ said...

Happy St. Paddy's Day.

Caffeine Court said...

Hope you're not too sick from the O'Doul's and Lucky Charms to read this!!!

Remember you have to save room for the Peeps and chocolate bunnies on Sunday!

yajeev said...


thanks a lot--that's the best press my blog's ever gotten.

talk about getting lucky!

Freak Magnet said...

Lucky Charms and O'Douls.. still chuckling on that one. :) I was lucky enough to have some brews with Groovy Mom and her sweetheart of a husband tonight! I want some of those "blog balls of steel" for me!!!

Huckdoll said...


"I'm going to whittle me up a perfectly good bar of Irish Spring soap with my stabbin' knife.

(It's a soap...canoe!)"

Where do you come up with this stuff :D

Emma Sometimes said...

We dressed in green, pulled out our Irish banter, and I set about cooking and baking:

Irish Soda Bread
Corned Beef
baby onions
mint choc chip ice cream (it's green)
and I had half a bottle of wine. woohooo!!

GoneBackSouth said...

Total ambivalence I'm afraid. Sorry. If I wore green it was by accident. I used to celebrate in my old job (pre-kids) where there were lots of Irish people to go to the pub with.

meleah rebeccah said...

ha ha ha ha ha ha

I loved my ST Pats day too!