Sunday, June 8, 2008

Like the New Digs?

The beautiful, vivacious, and oh so clever Bee visited Chez Gray on Friday, and inspired me to change things up a bit. She even imparted to me the super secret location of an ultra clandestine website that features some awesome background images. (I'd tell you, but then she'd have to kill me.)

So, thanks for all your help, Bee! I sense a windfall of Starbucks in your future...

Unfortunately, since I've been pouring all my creative energy into my writing lately, I have nothing to post worthy of a grand unveiling of this magnitude. So, I'll be resorting to a musical guest.

Hey, I think Weezer's funny.


Erin said...

LOVE the new look! Very nice!

Groovy Mom said...

Gorgeous! Needs a little tweaking I think. In Firefox your posts are "leaking" into your background.

I need to do some redecorating at my place too.

Avery Gray said...

Erin--thank you! Glad you like it!

Groovy--really? I use Firefox, and it looks good on mine. Would you mind e-mailing me a screen capture (avery.gray at so I can see what you're talking about? Thanks so much!

Lilacspecs said...

Very nice template...sort of reminds me of Dutch wallpaper, but in tasteful colors.

Edge said...

Weezer is funny.


MamaGeek said...

Weezer is funny, but your BLOG design takes the cake! Beautiful!

Dapoppins said...

I HATE the new blog layout. really. I DO. Give it to ME, so that I can, erm, well, not use it...but erm...just so YOU didn't have to use it. I would take this beauty off your hands and give you something with scrapbook papers...cause this one is super icky...really.

loveyh said...

Love it--very pretty and YOU. However...have I seen this pattern before in a certain home decor idea in use somewhere??? Perfect, I says.

Awww, and I'm all a-blush at the writer hi-five one post back. Wonder if this comment will blow my street cred? :)

Bee Repartee said...

You did GOOD!!! And you are welcome for my non-help.

Jo Beaufoix said...

Avery it's looking gorgeous. And I love that Weezer song. I didn't realize they were still around. Hope the writings going well. :D

Foo said...

“All your pork and beans are belong to us.” [*snort*]

Mike said...

Thumbs up to your background and the vid.

meleah rebeccah said...

Smoking Hot New Look.

Love it! *Fully*

Sheila said...

Love the new digs! I understand about the writing, I need to pour myself into mine more!

R said...

Looks great!!! So YOU!!!

I have issues finding stuff to write about sometimes too. I hate that.

You need to visit my site one day so you can hear my music. I have a new music site up and you should listen just to humor me, k?

holly said...

that bee is ONE AWESOME CHICK!!!

weezer rock!

i love this so much i think i'm going to be your twin. is that alright if i copy you? of course, i'd change the heading to holly, and i would have a picture of me in the sidebar, but everything else would pretty much be the same.

The Casual Perfectionist said...

I think the new design is purdy! And, I use FireFox, and it looks fine here (but, I was on vacation for a week and am just now getting back to my GoogleReader so I'm a little late to the comment party, so maybe things have been tweaked...)


missburrows said...

wow! ivy! gone! pretty background that looks like it is chocolate! wow!

territerri said...

Love it!!!!

M@ said...

You're giving out Starbux?

doozie said...

i have no idea what you are talking about, did someone say steak!???

Secret Agent Mama said...

Bee's super and I think this new place fits you perfectly!!


Sue said...

Oh Goddess of Blogging,

Won't you please share the url for that super secret site with backgrounds and headers for blogs?

I've been googling and googling to no avail. My blog I need help! Even a hint?

Yours Truly,


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