Thursday, June 12, 2008

This Story Needs More Cowbell


Or less cowbell.

Or it has just the right amount of cowbell, and I shouldn't change a thing.


As if my inner critic weren't demanding enough, I've kicked my own ass by asking for outside opinion from the two critique groups I belong to on the first chapter of my most recent work.

Although everyone thus far has loved the story overall, they've had mixed opinions about the elements that make it up.

More internal dialogue.

Less internal dialogue.

Just the right amount of internal dialogue.


Believe it or not, I view this as a positive thing. When I'm critiquing a story that really doesn't need much editing, I still feel compelled to point out any and every little thing I can possibly think to mention because I don't want the writer to feel cheated out of a proper review. If all I said was "Looks good," they'd think I didn't take it seriously.

I'm really hoping that's what's happening here, 'cause I've gone over that chapter so many times my eyes are crossing. And that is not a good look for me.

If you have a Critique Circle membership (and are not easily offended), you can find my chapter here. It will be in review until the 17th.

Just don't tell me it needs more cowbell. I find I'm plumb out.


The Casual Perfectionist said...

I've got a fever...and well, you know what the prescription for that is. ;)

I hope you get the kinks worked out without hurting your eyeballs too much.

(And, every time I play that song in Rock Band, I can't help but yell "More Cowbell!") ;)

Dapoppins said...

write first, critique later...!

Sheila said...

Ever since the first time I saw that clip and I hear a song with cowbell - that's all that comes to mind!

I will check out the critique group. I may need to utilize them myself one day.