Friday, August 29, 2008

This 'n' That

Certain individuals of my acquaintance have, in recent days, attempted to remind me that I have something called a "blog" on which I "blog" about various goings-on in my life. Sounds pretty crazy if you ask me. Surely, if I had something as wondrous and self-congratulating as that, I'd post on it all the time, wouldn't you think?

*sheepish chuckle*

Alright, fine. You got me. I've been a bad blogger, whiling away precious blogging minutes with reckless abandon. Fortunately, I had a feeling that might happen, and I had the forethought to document my activities through the magic of pho-to-graph-y. So, without further ado, I give you...


Ta da!! (That one's for you, M@.)

Yes, aside from devoting some serious time to taking shots of my cleavage with my iPhone--(two seconds)--these past two weeks have been busy, busy, busy. As summer wanes, and the new school year approaches, we took some time to enjoy the great outdoors...

Photobucket a monster truck rally at the Clark County Fair in beautiful, scenic Ridgefield, Washington--home of the world famous Gee Creek I-5 rest stop.

(Yes, I am from an impoverished white family. Why do you ask?)

Ethan loves monster trucks, so he looks forward to seeing them every year at the fair. This year, we brought our neighbors' ten-year-old daughter, Emma, along for the fun.


She hated the trucks, but loved the rides, thought the goats were cute, and Ethan was "weird, but cool".

Sounds about right.

In addition to the fair, we also took Ethan to the Oregon Zoo, where they've just welcomed the first baby elephant they've had in fourteen years. Of course, no one could see him yet, but we did enjoy the animatronic dinosaur exhibit.


Unfortunately, my son has developed a strange disorder, brought on by close proximity to picture-taking devices, where he lists precariously to left. There is no known cure, but you can send money anyhow.

The biggest portion of my time, however, was taken up by redoing my living room walls--stripping wallpaper, painting, color washing, and striping them with metallic glaze--but I think they turned out bee-yoo-tee-full-ly. What do you think?


I hope you like it better than my husband did. Not that his opinion matters.

Speaking of the devil...

A couple of weeks ago, I got an awesome GIF program for showing the animated ceiling fan I made for my Sims...


(Animated, people! I'm a rock star!)

Anywho... The program ended up coming in handy for something else...


Yep, that's Squidward, rockin' out to Guitar Hero 2 (yes, 2) in his office--I'm sorry, pleasure den.

Like the arm fringe? I made it! And so can you. Here's a list of the things you'll need:

--1 delusional husband

--1 piece of expensive satin you were saving to make a throw pillow out of

--1 pair of scissors

--a ton of deep-seated resentment and shame

Voila! Arm fringe!

Oh, and we got one of these bad boys...


So, there you have it. You're all caught up on the mystery that is my life, but we'll be taking off tomorrow for my in-laws' beach house. Perhaps I will have more to share when we return.

Have a great weekend, everyone!


The Casual Perfectionist said...

Avery who? OH...IT'S YOU!! I've missed you. :)

loveyh said...

When you get back..could you make me a new header. I suck at it. :(

I'll miss you but have a great weekend!!

terri said...

I remember you! You were fun! Don't put these little teasey posts up if you're not going to make it a permanent thing now....

Nan said...

Ah, what is technology without a satin arm fringe? love it!

sybil law said...

Who is this again?!
Anyway, the living room looks great, the car rally thing looks - kinda fun, and your husband looks HAWT in his rock gear.
About time you gave us an update!!

belle said...

Niiiice on the living room. Your husband clearly knows nothing. Love the wii fit. Well, I really really lurve mine. I am the hula queen :)

Jo Beaufoix said...

Oh you were that weird girl who made me read that book with that hunky Lachlan bloke in it, sighhh. Babe, you've been having a life, that's good, and your husband rawks. x

million dollar baby said...

Gee, sounds like you put a lot of time and effort into redecorating that front why does it look the same as it did before? :-P

meleah rebeccah said...

Yes. You are a bad blogger but, at least you are also a Rock Star with awesome cleavage iPhone photos!

Janie said...

Wow. y'all have been very busy!

Have fun at the beach!

Jodi said...

Okay, Squidward, rockin' out to Guitar Hero 2, HYSTERICAL!

M@ said...

Cleavage... I love it!

Caffeine Court said...

Shame on you for slacking on blogging and doing something productive!!!

I left a message on cr8buzz asking where you've been! I should have come here first.

Your living room looks amazing. I should get off my computer and get to work on my house!

finallyemerging said...

Just found you from RaJ. LOVE the living room and the blog. Definitely need more information on how you did THAT!

Absolutely amazing!

Looks like you had a great time.