Tuesday, January 13, 2009

I'll Be Frank

And you can be Shirley.

Frank: Hey, sexy!

Shirley: Oh, you're finally getting around to acknowledging my presence?

Frank: Aw, come on, baby, don't be like that. You know I love you.

Shirley: Well, you certainly have a funny way of showing it. How long has it been? Two? Three weeks?

Frank: Yeah, but, you know, I had...stuff to do.

Shirley: Mmm hmm.

Frank: I had to, like, buy a toaster. And a vacuum. And a water filter for my fridge. Those things don't just replace themselves, you know.

And that took you three weeks?

No. But...but my ear hurt, too. It still does. I have to put drops in it and everything.

Shirley: And that affects your ability to type?

Yes! Have you tried typing with your head at a 90 degree angle? It's not easy. I should know. Plus, school started back up, and I have a ton of work to do. So, it's not like I've just been sitting around, doing nothing--

Shirley: You've been making furniture for your Sims again, haven't you?

Frank: What? No. What?

Shirley: Tell me the truth.

Frank: Well, okay, maybe...


(I'm a featured creator, baby! Don't hate the playa, hate the game.)


Mike said...

You're THE Sweetswami77? Why didn't you say so earlier?!?!

Momo Fali said...

Glad to see you, Frank.

Avery Gray said...

Mike--yes. Yes, I am. Feel free to bask if you like.

Momo--Shirley! It's been too long. How are you?!

Erin said...

I could never hate the game. I do hate my computer for not being able to handle the game and everything else I need it to handle. Grrr...

M@ said...

I bet your simulated kitchen is a lot cleaner than mine....

MrEngr said...

You have an iPhone. Typing at a 90 degree angle is not a valid excuse...unless the boy was playing with the light saber.

Remember: There is no 'ctrl' button on Chuck Norris's computer. Chuck Norris is always in control.